About Snapbook

Snapbook is an exclusive creative service, specialized in portraying your favorite photographs on a wide range of personal objects, prints and photobooks. Limited only by imagination, Snapbook uses your photos to create amazing photobook, surprising personalized gifts, high resolution prints, unique mobile cases, and much more.

Start using Snapbook now and explore a new world of exciting printed photography!

Premium Albums

With Snapbook, you can create premium high resolution Layflat Photo Albums right from your iPhone. Using ultra-thick premium quality paper along with our layflat binding technology, your beautiful photographs would be printed without interruption.


Enjoy high resolution printing for all of your iPhone photos. Download our app and print your photos in different sizes or types. You can print the classic sizes, passport/visa sizes or print amazing Polaroid style photos.


Protect your iPhone or iPad with our custom photo cases. Right from the palm of your hands, through Snapbook, you would be able to customize your own and exclusive iPhone & iPad cases.


Create and design exclusive photo gifts including mugs, mousepads and much more right from our app!


Beautify your home with our amazing home decor items. Create custom pillows or plaques right from your iPhone.

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